BlueBeat tells EMI to ‘Get Bent’

This has GOT to be a publicity stunt – there’s really no other explanation for California-based BlueBeat telling Apple Corps + EMI + The Beatles to get bent.

Okay that’s not literally what happened but c’mon.. they’re selling the entire Beatles Catalog for just short of free – singles $.25 / albums $3.25 – yeah that’s almost better than the average Russian MP3 site.

And NO – they don’t have any legal right to do so (whatsoever). They don’t have any agreement with the band – nor with the publisher, EMI. In fact, EMI filed a lawsuit against them on Tuesday and they didn’t even bother to reply (that I’m aware of), let alone stop. They never tried to hide what they were doing – their sale of the songs for dirt cheap has been in every music / news blog I’ve seen this week. This is full-on poking the bear.

The only possible explanation is that they expect the publicity from this stunt (and the staggering flood of traffic to the site for the cheap files) will result in future profits that will (more than) cover the cost of the judgment that EMI will undoubtedly (and rightfully) be awarded. Not to mention the other lawsuits that are bound to follow *yoko*

Read a more eloquent story about it on Beat Crave.

UPDATE 11/05 maybe they’re prepping an insanity plea…
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