toys in the attic

if you missed the opening of the squad19 group show last night, don’t stress – it runs through october 31st.

The exhibition features paintings, prints and custom toys by AmyJo, DC Ice, DWITT, Punchgut, Lon Unitus, Aaron Purmort, Adam Turman, Steve Tenebrini, Tooth and more…

ok the image is a bit misleading.. you cannot get this print @ this show.. but it is a squad19 poster and i thought it might get your attention. sorry. i wish i was announcing a queens show..

gallery 122 is located @ 122 8TH St SE Minneapolis

now through october 31st, gallery hours are here

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story of the sea

i accidentally caught the last half of “story of the sea” @ the triple rock (social club) last night.. had I known they were opening, i would have come earlier and caught the whole show – luckily for me (and you) they are playing again next month with another old favorite, the life and times.. this will be a great show, worthy of heading downtown on a monday nite

monday, october 27th
@ the entry (7th st entry / 1st ave)
story of the sea @ around 9pm
life and times @ around 10:00
magnetic morning headlines
$8 in advance or $10 @ the door
tickets here

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beck in september

so beck’s new album, modern guilt, is out now – while everyone else is slackin, beck has cranked out .. what?.. 3 new full-length albums in the past year? something like that..

beck will be @ the Wilkins Auditorium on september 30th – i haven’t seen him in years and years but from what i hear his live show is still amazing, so i’m looking forward to the show

get tickets here

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july 4th @ the soap factory

if you’re wondering what to do after the fireworks this year… The Soap Factory is throwing their (4th) Annual TEN SECOND FILM FESTIVAL :)

where: soap factory / 110 5th Ave SE Minneapolis
when: right after the St. Anthony Main Fireworks
cost: nothing

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show @ the soo tonight

jennifer davis’ bizarre work is up @ the soo gallery (soo visual arts center, uptown, mpls) through the 16th of august

the opening is tonight / they list the hours from 6-9 (but i’m sure it will go later)..

if you go, make sure to go out and catch eric inkala’s mural on the back of the building

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better than sedaris

david sedaris is having a signing @ borders this saturday (june 14 / 1pm)

i’ve never actually gone to a book signing (and i’m not starting tomorrow) but this is a decent book.

however, the reason for my post isn’t to encourage you to get up early on a saturday and haul yourself out to the suburbs just to get this guy’s autograph..

i just wanted to say:

if you like this guy, you may also like: augusten burroughs, chuck palahniuk and/or wally lamb (and they’re better than sedaris :)

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g3 iphone :)

hooray! i almost bought one awhile back but my friend warned me this was coming … now i can get it for half the price (and with twice the internet connection speed & GPS)

thanks nate :)

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artcrank, part two

ok so i forgot to bring my camera to art-a-whirl.. but enjoyed some great art going on there (and one of my favorite past-times = people-watching) and even stumbled across the artcrank boys and their awesome poster art (my very favorite!) .. bought two posters..

the posters i really wanted were sold out (of course) but charles youel (director and curator of artcrank) assured me that you can contact the artists directly (through the artcrank site) and order more prints for many of these…

check out the site – their list of poster artists is impressive and includes some of my favorite aesthetic apparatus poster artists.. my only complaint : no gallery of all the prints (with the artists’ names associated).. so finding the artists to contact for the prints i want will take a bit of detective work :)

btw – this freakin awesome photo (and many – if not all? – on the artcrank site) by scott haraldson..

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portishead, third

portishead released their new album last month.. i just downloaded it today but on first listen it seems it was worth the cash. i have the first track “machine gun” on repeat as i type this post..

this one seems a little grittier to me – darker and with even less hope than usual (if that’s possible) so of course i love it. definitely mood music.. a solid backdrop for… something. in my perfect world they would lose the mellow songs and she would sing less, but the music is good on most songs – i wish i could get a copy of this with no vocals (but i guess i say that about every album).

they also released a limited edition box set for it – which promptly sold out. i never buy these anyway.. i am strictly in download mode at this point (btw – this cd is available through itunes) but a bummer for those who do.

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meander @ the soap factory

this saturday from 7 – 11 pm @ The Soap Factory

Opening Reception for Traci Tullius’ “Roger, Roger”
Exhibition Runs through Jul 6, 2008

traci’s 6-channel video installation sounds crazy and interesting, but i actually am going to see “Meander” (16 local artists collaborated to create one peice that runs through all the soap factory gallerie) plus “History Room: 20 Years of No Name and The Soap Factory” is still going on in project room #2 – which sounds cool.. more posters..

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sightings : soo gallery

Eric inkala has a new mural @ the soo – head into the alley behind the gallery to check it out..

also.. stop in and look at Erin Currie’s crazy Paintings / Sculptures (show runs through may 31st)

and.. since you’re there :) might as well head next door to robot love and get a new limited edition shepard print before they’re gone (if they’re not already)

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new nin album (halo 27) $0

ok i wish that nin would just take a break from doing all the news-worthy sht they do so i could get some work done – tco is coming next week and i barely have time to sleep let alone blog..

anyway, nin has decided to release their new album “the slip” for free. FREE. period. go get it: www.nin.com

ps – advance tickets for the aug 2nd minneapolis show on sale on the 7th.. ticketmaster on the 10th..

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george clinton p-funk @ first ave

GEORGE CLINTON & PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC will be at first ave on tuesday, may 27 2008 .. if you’ve ever seen this show you know it’s crazy-fun – def worth $25 for the evening + the drink specials on tuesdays are good, so you won’t need a ton of pocket cash.. but i highly recommend taking a cab (beyond the whole $3000 Dwi thing, parking won’t be fun)

show details here

quick aside: rumor is first ave is (finally) getting an rss feed for the calendar next month, if you were missing one

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big self-portrait

if you ever get a chance to see this @ the walker (they own it) – do it! – you have to see it in person to get the full effect. its HUGE – really amazing to see each individual square inch:

I am not trying to make facsimiles of photographs. Neither am I interested in the icon of the head as a total image. I don’t want the viewer to see the whole head at once and assume that that’s the most important aspect of my painting. I am not making Pop personality posters like the ones they sell in the Village. That’s why I choose to do portraits of my friends–individuals that most people will not recognize. I don’t want the viewer to recognize the head of Castro and think he has understood my work.–Chuck Close, 1970

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brilliant idea

on the CNN site you can now buy a t-shirt with the latest headline on it (see the little t-shirt icon next to the news text link?)..

and not so brilliant: President Bush will make a statement this morning on stimulating the economy. Watch it live on CNN and CNN.com at 9:20 am (EDT) ie right NOW – if you’re into that sort of thing..

and don’t even get me started on tom cruise.. scientology freak oh no

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saul williams tonight

TonightSaul Williams (headliner) with Dragons Of Zynth (opening)

@ The Varsity Theater in Dinkytown Minneapolis (U of M), doors @ 8:00pm, 18+, $15 @ the door

. . . . . . . .edit (sunday, 04.20.08). . . . . . . .

[see more photos from this show here]

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aesthetic apparatus show

one my favorite local printmakers – aesthetic apparatus – are having another show…

saturday, april 26th @ Burlesque’s First Amendment (BFA) gallery, where there will be tons of amazing poster art + bands (and possibly even crackers and cheese :)

note: you won’t find the event listed on the BFA site (BFA never updates their site – slackers) but you will find directions to the gallery there..

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peace in tibet

beijing 2008 games protest in London …

Protester a: “..If the Dalai Lama was in charge, Tibet would be even less free than it is now.”

Protester b: “I’m marching today because the people of Tibet aren’t allowed to do so for themselves.”

//quotes above taken from bbc news – read the whole story here//

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john grider short film

screening of 3 short films on April 16, 2008 @ 7 pm @ the Art of This Gallery in south minneapolis / 3506 Nicollet

see “24 Weeks 3 Days”, “Find My Fucking Fingers” and “The Life of Onions” plus enjoy live music by Ghostband and Readings (?) by Luca Dipierro & Rachel Bradley

one of the films features local artist John Grider .. you know.. the ‘goat’ guy who’s art you’ve surely seen on a local: car, warehouse, mansion, something? still trying to get my hands on one of his pieces but they’re always sold by the time i get to the show – guess i need to get out earlier..

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super-cool / affordable / high-quality poster-art by 34 bike-lovin’ freaks + music by the keston and westdal + beer by rush river brewing ;)

this saturday april 5th / 7pm
@ one-on-one bikes + coffee + stuff
17 washington ave in the minneapolis warehouse district

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