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Jack White’s Third Man Records to going to release “A Glorious Dawn” on Vinyl – if you’ve never seen the video, this is one of my all-time favorite things in the world

Explore Music posted 3 articles (and now a follow up) on 11 Ways the Internet Has Ruined Music – all of which contain great comments / conversations on thow the music industry is adapting..

Popular digital music industry service SoundCloud – aimed at artists, producers, A&R folk and label managers – will launch it’s official iPhone app on Nov 17th


I dig a lot of Japanese weirdness, but these toys are just creepy as hell

Fox News coverage of the Uptown Bar closing contains some awesome footage – including a guy dressed as Carl (from Aqua Teen) smoking a joint behind the reporter (at the 1:50 mark)

WIRED gave us a map of the future and io9 lets us view the details and gives us alink to print the poster :)

– GEEK –

Finally – the app I’ve been waiting for my whole life! Car Finder uses augmented reality to locate your car

TechDirt warned us that the FCC is poised to let Hollywood break our TVs & DVRs

Why? Because you can.. Build a Home Server in a Whiskey Bottle

– WTF? –

Not often we get a new ocean.. but there’s one forming in the African desert right now!

This electronic rock guitar t-shirt can actually be played (on your body) – hilarious video footage.

Ultimate proof of what an uber-geek I am – this What To Do If Romulans Invade a Renaissance Fair video had me laughing all morning :)

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Jon Stewart Does Glenn Beck ;)

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look art below

There’s a cool art opening happening tomorrow night – Over Under Sideways Down is a group show featuring 10 local artists and live music by Bernie King – perfect for hitting on the way to Art Attack, since it’s right near the Northrup King Building.

Participating Artists
Joe Aschebrock
Jesse Draxler
Kara Hendershot
Todd Hollingsworth
DC Ice
Gina Louise
Toneski Love
Rhea Pappas
Todd Peterson
John Terwilliger

6-11pm | Look Art Below Gallery | 1224 Quincy NE Minneapolis [Map]
We’re def stopping by on the way to the NKB to check out what Gina Louise and DC Ice are up to ;)

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art attack this weekend

It’s Art Attack time again.. so here’s a list of some of the Artists we usually visit during the annual open studio art crawl. Hours + directions below the studio list.

dock 3 Heinz Brummel | Jewelry
dock 3 Randy Walker | String + Light Sculpture

#272 Sean Tubridy (twitter @tubes) | Polaroids + Prints
#288 Karin Jacobson | Jewelry
#301 Mobius | Antiques
#319 Main Street Toys | Vintage + Collector Toys
#333 LOCUS | Architecture + Photos
#341 Shannyn Joy Potter (twitter @shannynjoy) | Sculpture
#350 Betty Scagnetti | Clothing + Accessories
#351 Jennifer Davis (twitter @JDavisArt) | Paintings
#357 Duane Ditty | Paintings
#367 Mike Welton | Mpls Landmark Paintings
#400 Bicycle Theory | Bike-stuff
#404 DC Ice | Paintings
#410 Angle Bomb Design (twitter @angelbomb) | Printing
#432 Kristen Arden | Sculpture + Metal Furniture

Northrup King Building | 1500 Jackson Street NE Minneapolis
More Info / Directions to the NKB

FRI 5-10 | SAT 12-8 | SUN 12-5
Ask about Friday after-party info

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BlueBeat tells EMI to ‘Get Bent’

This has GOT to be a publicity stunt – there’s really no other explanation for California-based BlueBeat telling Apple Corps + EMI + The Beatles to get bent.

Okay that’s not literally what happened but c’mon.. they’re selling the entire Beatles Catalog for just short of free – singles $.25 / albums $3.25 – yeah that’s almost better than the average Russian MP3 site.

And NO – they don’t have any legal right to do so (whatsoever). They don’t have any agreement with the band – nor with the publisher, EMI. In fact, EMI filed a lawsuit against them on Tuesday and they didn’t even bother to reply (that I’m aware of), let alone stop. They never tried to hide what they were doing – their sale of the songs for dirt cheap has been in every music / news blog I’ve seen this week. This is full-on poking the bear.

The only possible explanation is that they expect the publicity from this stunt (and the staggering flood of traffic to the site for the cheap files) will result in future profits that will (more than) cover the cost of the judgment that EMI will undoubtedly (and rightfully) be awarded. Not to mention the other lawsuits that are bound to follow *yoko*

Read a more eloquent story about it on Beat Crave.

UPDATE 11/05 maybe they’re prepping an insanity plea…
- Read about BlueBeat’s (CRAZY) response! – via @artistshouse
- BlueBeat Website Claims It Owns Copyrights to Beatles Songs [Exclaim]
- Judge Halts Online Sale of Beatles Songs [Wired]

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Secret Copyright Treaty is a Disaster

having a great day until I slowed down enough to really read up on this – very unsettling
Note: I am adding new related articles as they’re posted..

- Copyright Treaty Is Policy Laundering at Its Finest [DMusic, Nov 5]
- Leaked Trade Agreement Paints a Bleak Picture for the Internet’s Future. [Exclaim, Nov 5]
- New Copyright Legislation Leaked… and it’s reeeeal bad. [Studio Manifesto, Nov 4]
- Secret Anti-Piracy Treaty Turns ISPs into Pirates. [TorrentFreak, Nov 4]
- Your kids could go to jail for non-commercial music sharing. [BoingBoing, Nov 4]
- Secret copyright treaty is the most annoying thing you’ll read all year. [CrunchGear, Nov 3]
- Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad. [BoingBoing, Nov 3]
- Copyright treaty is classified for ‘national security’. [CNET, Mar 12]

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Let the Hackers Take a Crack at it

this seems so common sense / smart to me that it makes me wonder WTH is wrong with us.. while our voting machine manufacturers disallow any sort of outside testing (and we struggle with accusations of tampering with these same machines each major election year) Brazil seems to have jumped on the obvious / best solution:

“Brazil opened up a ‘challenge’ allowing security experts and other hackers to request to take part in a big hack attempt on e-voting equipment. Not only that, but the government is going to give $5,000 to whoever successfully hacks into one of the e-voting systems. This seems like a much smarter way to check the security on these machines than the previous method of very basic gov’t oversight and the e-voting firms issuing a big ‘trust us’ answer to every question.” - SOURCE: TECHDIRT

Read the full article here

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xo Oct 30.09

LINK ♥ after a flurry of obituaries for Chuck Biscuits on Thursday, we find an equal number of stories announcing that the death of the drummer (D.O.A. / Danzig / Run D.M.C.) was actually a hoax..

LINK ♥ Relevant Magazine warns the Music Industry to “Innovate or Die. Seriously.

LINK ♥ this absolutely brilliant digital graffiti interface allows people to “virtually” paint on walls.. no idea what they cost to rent but this would make ANY promotional event a guaranteed hit..

LINK ♥ pretty much everyone on the planet will need to prep something for print at some point – band/business logo, post/business cards, posters, etc.. so Smashing Mag’s 10 Pre-Press Tips For Perfect Print Publishing is a great bookmark..

LINK ♥ every Minnesotan needs a reminder to put together a winter car emergency kit – LifeHacker provides a checklist..

LINK ♥ a German book company pulls off a great stunt at a book fair – attaching little banners to (actual) flies and then releasing them on the crowd.. crazy.

LINK ♥ Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network warns us against ‘demonic’ Halloween candy.. saying, “most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches” hmm.. really!?!

LINK ♥ shortly after 62 year old MN man pimped out his la-z-boy, he drove it down to the local bar, downed “8 or 9 beers” and got a DWI on the way home (oh man I would have loved to have been in that cruiser).. now the cops have put the la-z-boy (complete with 8-horsepower lawnmower engine, stereo, headlights, cup holder and a “Hell yeah it’s fast” sticker on the back) on ebay..

LINK ♥ yeah Keanu Reeves is hot.. but is he immortal? some guy made a video which concludes that “it’s only logical to conclude that (he) is either a vampire or immortal“.. well of course it is.

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WTF is T-post?

T-post is an interesting idea.

They claim it’s “the world’s first wearable magazine” .. hmm, maybe it is that.. however, it definitely is a brilliant / unique marketing strategy for something I’ve not heard of before – a subscription-based clothing line model.

“T-post is a t-shirt magazine. And just like your favorite paper magazine, our subscribers don’t know what the story is about or who’s designed until they get it. It’s like getting a surprise birthday present in the mail every month.” – T-post.se

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Future of Web: 5yrs

Read Write Web posted an article yesterday – Google’s Eric Schmidt on What the Web Will Look Like in 5 Years which outlines some of the most interesting points of this 45 minute video.. if you aren’t geek enough to actually watch (or listen) to this whole thing – do stop in and check out the list of points

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OX-OP Art/Music/Film Festival 09

The following is taken directly from the SooVac website. Yeah this is long – but it sounded so damn interesting that the entire thing had to be included (schedule @ the bottom):

On October 22nd through 25th, SooVAC will host a conceptual tour de force seldom seen outside the two coasts.

SooVAC explodes into its neighboring space for this extravaganza. The main gallery will feature a major retrospective of two hometown Minneapolis heroes of the international flatstock design and printing world: Burlesque of North America and Aesthetic Apparatus.

NO ADVANCE TICKETS-Tickets available at the door each night.

The side gallery will present a bizarre opening of local artist and alternative music mogul, HAZE XXL. A multi-media onslaught, the exhibition consists of 100 individually hand-made art CD sleeves, each containing original art and individual Polaroids, along with HAZE XXL created objects d’art featured in numerous national shows including the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The show marks the first and only release of the Halo Of Flies/Gay Witch Abortion collaboration album. Just 100 CD’s produced, and that’s it forevermore but not surprising coming from the former head of Amphetamine Reptile Records who initiated his label by originating the whole “limited edition thing in music” back in the 1980′s.

Each night of the four-day event, performance art takes on a literal meaning with live music sequestered in yet another gallery within the gallery. The musicians will be performing behind large screened windows facing the main gallery, harshly backlit so that the audience sees only silhouetted shadows and movement. Four security cameras inside the room will broadcast those performances live onto screens in the main gallery, playing with perceptions of time and space and lessening even further our distinctions between reality and the alternate broadcast reality which is far to often blurred.

The Opening Event will also offer an additional layer of altered perception, featuring the short films of renowned artist Chris Mars. Primarily known for his deeply surreal oil and pastel images, he has taken to animationand film with all the intensity and incredible detail of his oil paintings.

Aesthetic Apparatus • Burlesque Design – Retrospective/Installation
HAZE XXL -100 Disciples Art Show
HOF/Gay Witch Abortion CD Release

Oct 22• CHRIS MARS Short Films
Live improvisational accompaniment by
Grant Hart • HAZE XXL • Shannon Selberg

Oct 23• GAY WITCH ABORTION Live performance in security cam vision
Oct 24 • H•O•F Live performance in security cam vision
Oct 25 • THE MELVINS Live performance in security cam vision

4 days of multi media splooge brought to you by the Workers Sensory Stimulation Committee


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xo 16.09

WTH did this week go? I could swear yesterday was Monday.. anyway – some links:


WIRED: Topspin Media CEO Ian Rogers gives advice on how to survive in the new music business – a def must-see for anyone in the industry. LINK

THOM YORKE: New single “Hearing Damage” Listen on MFR. LINK

SOOVAC: Stopped into the Soo today on the way to Bob’s and took in the current show – The main gallery is full of new works by Greg Gossel & the sideroom has a bunch of Amy Rice’s work – very cool. LINK

WTF: Samuri Sword Demonstration Gone Wrong (WARNING: these images are not for the weak). LINK

TED: The robots featured in this short #TED talk have facial expressions so real it’s completely unnerving – very freaky and def worth a look. LINK

Congressional Reps Rewrite AT&T’s Google Voice Complaint, And Send It To The FCC LINK

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Intel Claytronics: Programmable Matter

No jet packs yet – tho, slowly but surely, our SciFi fantasies are becoming reality.. this is my new favorite future tech video

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Rappers feeling the recession

Yeah Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize today (Go Obama!) but on a lighter note, this is HILARIOUS – Slim Thug talks about how the recession is effecting the rap industry on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: 60% less video hos, diamond-encrusted glock sales are down and weed doesn’t really count as health care..

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JAWBOX Reuniting on Fallon 12/08

The text below is taken directly from the Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon website and it’s freaking AWESOME news!

“Big news music fans!!! Legendary Washington DC rock band Jawbox will be reuniting and performing right here on Late Night!! What the what??!!!??

Jawbox was the one of the big three bands in the 1990s DC hardcore scene beside Fugazi and Shudder To Think. All three bands started out on Dischord records and Jawbox was the first to make a move to a major label, moving to Atlantic Records 1993. Their performance on Late Night will be their first performance OF ANY KIND in 12 YEARS. TWELVE. That’s two presidents ago everbody. So save the date for December 8th when Jawbox plays Late Night!”

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crowdsourcing star wars

The Star Wars Uncut site proclaims “You and 472 other people have the chance to recreate Star Wars: A New Hope!”. Yeah that’s right – sign up for your 15 seconds, film it & upload it back to the site to become part of the collective.. too cool.

Check out the trailer..

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TCV: homme interview

Skwerl (Antiquiet) recently sat down with Josh Homme and talked about how the Them Crooked Vultures line-up was formed and plans for an upcoming release.. looks like we can expect something before the end of the year.

Watch the interview video (or read it) here [note: the written version of the interview contains a couple additional Q/A that are NOT in the video]

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What is Google Wave?

Lots of talk on the web today about Google Wave – and many people asking WTH it is.. here’s short video that sums it up:

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Original SDR on Fallon Tonight

If you watch Fallon tonight you’ll get to see the original Sunny Day Real Estate members playing “Seven” from their ’94 debut record “Diary” (my fav SDR album) ..

SOURCE: Sub Pop Records

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