lorem ipsum cuff

Cool thing: I want this soo badly.

“Life is better unscripted. Face the unknown wearing this wide stainless steel bracelet, laser-etched with centuries-old lorem ipsum scribed in Grad. For the designer who wants to say everything, and nothing, with a heavy dose of style.”


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Factron iPhone case with camera lenses

The Factron folks have been doing their custom case thing with various Apple products for some time now, but they’ve truly outdone themselves with their new iPhone case, which not only boasts some stylish, rangefinder camera-esque looks, but a complete set of interchangeable (presumably functional) lenses. Those include fish eye, wide-angle, and close-up lenses, which range in price from $15 to $55, while the case itself will set you back a full $200. Quite a bit to pay for a case, to be sure, but a veritable bargain compared to the $800 that some of the group’s previous cases have fetched.

SOURCE: itechnews

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the national tonight

brooklyn’s fav emo boys the national are touring in support of their latest effort, “the boxer”..

If you’re one of the lucky ones with tickets to tonight’s sold-out show @ first ave – enjoy & report – if not, you can download their music on itunes / listen on their myspace page / see them on youtube

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help keep uptown open late

one of the best late night / early am places in minneapolis is in immediate danger .. the uptown diner is an after-bar staple – with doors open friday am through sunday pm – one of the few places you can get a decent meal at 4am

after 6 years on the corner of Hennepin & 26th (with no notable problems with their neighbors), someone has decided that the uptown diner shouldn’t be open late night. what started with someone calling / complaining about after-bar noise became a complete mess when it was discovered that the diner hasn’t ever actually had the zoning permits necessary for their late night hours

city council member ralph remington has issued them a temporary permit (allowing them to stay open until 2pm) but they are attending the east isles neighborhood council meeting on tuesday in order to appeal to members to issue them the full permit, which will allow them to resume their normal hours

please stop in sometime this weekend and sign their petition for the meeting on tuesday

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10 sec films @ soap factory

once again The Soap Factory is giving us something cool to do after the St Anthony fireworks this 4th of July.. their (5th) Annual TEN SECOND FILM FESTIVAL :)

where: soap factory / 110 5th Ave SE Minneapolis
when: right after the St. Anthony Main Fireworks
cost: nothing

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thirst is coming..

Chan-wook Park’s vampire thriller “Thirst” is coming to minneapolis (and probably a theater near you non-minneapolis dwellers, as well)

but the controversy over Korea’s censorship of the “priest turns vampire after failed medical experiment (?!)” film trailers & press images is overshadowing the film itself.. see the different trailer versions and learn more about the censorship here

thirst will open at the lagoon theater on september 4th, 2009

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rock the garden

the Current & The Walker Art Center present Rock the Garden 2009 this Saturday.. gates open 3pm – 11pm

of course, the show is sold out – but for those who have tickets, here’s the schedule:
4:30 – Solid Gold
5:45 – Yeasayer
7:00 – Calexico
8:30 – The Decemberists (pictured here)

parking will suck (for me, no matter what, since i live right behind the walker :( so walk or bike it (they’re bringing in 500 bike racks)

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poster shows this saturday

los vesparados | aprox 30 artists participating.. first (annual?) poster show dedicated to the art / love of the scooter – plus: chow, music via DJ Aaron Porter, scooter show in the parking lot, Scooter movies / old commercials
Saturday June 13th | 6-11pm | Northrup King

sweet hair | aprox 40 artists participating… “sweetest, hairiest event of the year” will showcase original hair-inspired posters and let you get your hair styled on the spot – with 10% going to locks of love (non-profit) – plus: music via DJ Rambo Salinas & DJ Talk Radio
Saturday, June 13th | 7-10pm | Art Minion

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kadlac’s 48 hour film project

local rockstar director nate kadlac is making yet another life-changing film this weekend, as part of the minneapolis leg of the 48 Hour Film Project

this friday, At the Kickoff Event, each team will draw the genre for its film out of a hat (plus a character, prop and line of dialogue will be announced and must appear in each film).. teams then have 48 hours to make a cool film.

screenings June 16-17-18 and 22 @ the riverview | 7pm & 9pm ($8)

contact kadlac if you’re interested in being an actor in the film (though i must warn you – the guy’s a total dick) edit** i’m kidding people.. settle down. damn.

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bat for lashes

bat for lashes is playing @ the varsity on august 7th – tickets on sale now

Pre-sale available from June 10th using the code: ’PEARL’ [Code is not case sensitive].. buy them here

don’t know them?
check out the website here | listen to music here

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Lovelee Buttons presents

if you’re looking for something fun to do tonight, check out Dearling Physique, Lookbook and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie @ intermedia arts

“An immersive evening of performance, where the music of three Minneapolis based bands will be elevated through collaborations combining lights, video, actors and specially constructed art pieces. Featuring Dearling Physique, Lookbook and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie.”

and happy birthday mr bolyard :)

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fever ray remix download

fever ray is a favorite of mine (the chick from “the knife”)

RCLB offers tons of streaming Independent music to share and daily free downloads (links emailed to you).. today they’re offering the allez-allez remix of Triangle Walks – download it here – and listen to “if i had a heart”, “when i grow up” and more

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girl talk album – dl it now

remix master girl talk has released his latest album as a “pay-what-you-want” download on illegalart.net

With hours of material collected from two years of live shows, Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) meticulously edited together a seamless album that combines 300+ samples - get it here

girl talk is also the focus of the (freakin awesome) opensource film RIP: A Remix Manifesto.. download the film on opensource cinema and remix it ;)

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holy fuck

get ready for some psychedelic analogue electronica (canada-style).. holy fuck is coming to minneapolis :)

if you haven’t heard them, check out their music on their myspace page or just take my word for it – they’re well worth heading out on a sunday night..

7th Street Entry (18+)
Sunday May 31 @ 8PM
tickets $10

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Gig Poster Sale

Magers and Quinn (independent bookstore) are inviting folks down for a poster sale to celebrate the release of Gig Posters Volume I: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century

if you aren’t familiar with the 11-by-14-inch paperback of rock art, it features gig posters from a ton of cool artists – including local favs: DWITT, Squad 19, Tooth, Amy Jo, Lonny Unitus and Burlesque of North America – and their rock posters created for First Avenue, 7th Street Entry, 400 Bar, Triple Rock Social Club and other music venues across the country..

Sunday June 14, 6pm-9pm
Magers and Quinn Booksellers [uptown, 3038 Hennepin]

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knitted graffiti

Luke brought this new (?) minneapolis street art to my attention on twitter the other day..

this one (lake/lyndale) says “suck it” :)

if anyone knows who the artists is – please let me know! thx

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robot♥ + burlesque

check out Mike Davis’ (burlesque) brand new alphabet keychain collection for kidrobot..

the show runs from 6-8pm, with dj kenny kingston & burlesque djs spinning @ robotlove [27th / lyndale, across from bob's java] and the after-party (21+) runs from 10pm-2am @ the kitty cat klub [dinkytown]

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RIP: A Remix Manifesto

take-up productions & Sound Unseen are bringing minneapolis a great opportunity to view the controversial and award winning sxsw hit, RIP: A Remix Manifesto [click to view the film trailer] on the big screen..

In RiP: A remix manifesto, Web activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers.

to boot – the film will be screened in minneapolis’ newest cool film venue – the Trylon screening room… “The Trylon is a small experimental cinema, and is equiped for both digital cinema and 35mm film presentations.”

when: Thursday May 28 at 8pm
where: The Trylon screening room (3258 Minnehaha Ave)
Tickets: $5 (or punch card) – since the theater only seats 60, best get your tickets now

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zen bound

i’m not really a big fan of games that are played on electronic devices, but zen bound is different

unlike most games, played with guns and lasers, zen bound is played with stone, wood and rope – “A calm and meditative game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures”… hmmm. sounds boring but it’s actually pretty addictive / relaxing, with it’s slow speed and meditative soundtrack (thx to ghost monkey)

it might even inspire me to get that swanky new reclaimed bamboo case ;)

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