Secret Copyright Treaty is a Disaster

having a great day until I slowed down enough to really read up on this – very unsettling
Note: I am adding new related articles as they’re posted..

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- Leaked Trade Agreement Paints a Bleak Picture for the Internet’s Future. [Exclaim, Nov 5]
- New Copyright Legislation Leaked… and it’s reeeeal bad. [Studio Manifesto, Nov 4]
- Secret Anti-Piracy Treaty Turns ISPs into Pirates. [TorrentFreak, Nov 4]
- Your kids could go to jail for non-commercial music sharing. [BoingBoing, Nov 4]
- Secret copyright treaty is the most annoying thing you’ll read all year. [CrunchGear, Nov 3]
- Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad. [BoingBoing, Nov 3]
- Copyright treaty is classified for ‘national security’. [CNET, Mar 12]

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