Apple (Finally) Approves First DJ App

It’s been a long uphill battle for music app developers, with Apple leaving music apps in approval purgatory for loooong periods of time (with no official explanation) – a situation which sparked many music / tech blog posts and eventually led to a dj app petition.

Well.. who knows what finally prompted Apple to give Amidio Inc the green light but they have – and you can now buy the world’s first DJ app for iPhone / iPod touch – Touch DJ ($19.99). Now you can essentially go anywhere with no equipment in tow and no headphones and play dj.

Get the specs / more details on Touch DJ
Download it now from the app store

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Auto Tune :)

Auto Tune it the audio editing software that makes vocals sound robotic – you’ve heard it – yeah, it’s awesome. Watching this video (hilarious) convinced me to go to iTunes and grab the “I Am T-Pain” auto tune iphone app which makes me a huge dork but is also fun as hell.

thx to @SteveTalkowski for the video link :)

About the Photographer [Left]

BTW – the photographer from this post’s photo, Daniel Boud, is a fantastic live music photographer, who has been in SPIN, Rolling Stone, NME, Vanity Fair, etc.. He has a ton of concert sets on flickr, including White Lies, Wolfmother, etc.. check them out here.

He also wrote a great overview of everything an aspiring live music photographer might want to know for Digital Photographer magazine.. read that here.

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Mashup: 7 Minute Decade + TiltShift App

Just finished watching the “Newsweek Presents The Decade In Seven Minutes” video – loved it. Watch it here (on Laughing Squid).

On a completely unrelated note, I just downloaded the Tiltshift Generator iPhone App after seeing this image of Vegas (left), taken by Rob Sheridan.

Then @heideland sent me this cool tiltshift video – check it out:

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Train Brain: Local App Does Good

Minneapolis Light-Rail IPhone App, developed/designed by locals Andy Atkinson and Nate Kadlac is getting a lot of praise around town..

This $1.99 iPhone application is for Twin Cities Metro Transit light-rail riders. You can walk around with a paper schedule in your pocket or pull up a PDF of that schedule on your iPhone, but with a couple of taps, Train Brain can tell you when the next train is coming and how much the fare will cost as well as offer a countdown to the train’s arrival.

The only thing that came to mind after talking to Andy (Andy Atkinson, Train Brain Developer) was this: Metro Transit ought to buy this app and get behind it. With the continued rollout of light rail in the Twin Cities, and likely delays as the system expands, there is no question riders will need better tools to manage their ridership instead of just a PDF of a paper schedule or, God forbid, having to carry a schedule around in your pocket.”

Visit TrainBrainApp.com
Download from ITunes

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zen bound

i’m not really a big fan of games that are played on electronic devices, but zen bound is different

unlike most games, played with guns and lasers, zen bound is played with stone, wood and rope – “A calm and meditative game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures”… hmmm. sounds boring but it’s actually pretty addictive / relaxing, with it’s slow speed and meditative soundtrack (thx to ghost monkey)

it might even inspire me to get that swanky new reclaimed bamboo case ;)

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broadcast yourself with audioboo

if you’re unfamiliar with the world of podcasting, it’s like “social audio” sharing.. you create audio files and people can listen to them on their computer or phone

think of it as your own radio show.. where you can offer interviews, your band’s music, social / political rants, product reviews, tutorials… whatever – you create it and folks can then subscribe to your “station”

audioboo has made creating and listening to podcasts insanely simple – and now you can do it with your iphone ;)

iphone app | audioboo site | audioboo video tutorial

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