maybe the sky isn’t falling

here’s my horoscope.. On January 5, 2009, the ‘live long and prosper’ energy of Jupiter begins his 13 month sojourn in your concentrated air sign. Humanity and living a global life locally will look very, very good.

I’ve read that the anti-intellectual movement begun approximately 30 years ago is noticeably waning hopefully to snuffed out completely. Jupiter expands; Aquarius imagines a better world. Together there can be an aristocratic naiveté based on unexamined lives of alleged privilege. But, given today’s economic climate, I suppose you’ll be the center of network of people looking to make heaven on earth with some well-thought distribution of resources.

Take the risk of stating your ideals to those whom you think will rarely listen to you. Expect to be surprised. You can afford to raise your expectations and aspire to reach them as well.

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