Taking the Uptown Out of Uptown

Switchblade Comb, Star Tribune and City Pages all reporting that the end is near for one of our city’s most iconic live venues, the Uptown Bar – at least in Uptown..

“The Minneapolis Planning Commission has approved the Uptown Bar owner Frank Toonen’s application that would allow him to tear down the bar and replace it with a three-story retail unit. The proposed retail building is being developed by Urban Anthology who are responsible for Victoria Secret and American Apparel opening in the Uptown neighborhood. The last chance the bar has for staying in its present location is if the Heritage Preservation Commission intervenes at their next meeting on September 1.”
- Switchblade Comb

UPDATE 09/11 :
“November 1 ends it. I suggest keeping your evenings free and plan on going into work late from October 1 – November 1. There are gonna be some amazing shows that last month that the bar is open. Bands that you would never imagine playing the Uptown Bar will be playing the Uptown Bar.”

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northeast zombie bar

Stand Up Frank’s is dead – Long live Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den

Leslie Bock (owner of Saint Sabrina’s) has reinvented the notorious Northeast bar (Broadway and Washington Avenue North) and made it a zombie bar – complete with insane decor, zombie staff and some cool-as-hell specialty drinks.

We’ll be heading there ASAP…

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