Engineers: Three Fact Fader

If you haven’t heard Engineers yet..

They’re a UK band that released their first effort (a mini-album) Folly in 2004, their first full-length (self-titled) in 2005 and their latest album, Three Fact Fader, this year.

I recently become obsessed with their wall-of-sound single, Clean Coloured Wire [listen to the serious music-lover's extended version here] and then got the new album – highly recommend it :)

Listen to tracks from Three Fact Fader (Myspace)
Download Three Fact Fader (iTunes)
Buy a physical copy (with Bonus singles)

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portishead, third

portishead released their new album last month.. i just downloaded it today but on first listen it seems it was worth the cash. i have the first track “machine gun” on repeat as i type this post..

this one seems a little grittier to me – darker and with even less hope than usual (if that’s possible) so of course i love it. definitely mood music.. a solid backdrop for… something. in my perfect world they would lose the mellow songs and she would sing less, but the music is good on most songs – i wish i could get a copy of this with no vocals (but i guess i say that about every album).

they also released a limited edition box set for it – which promptly sold out. i never buy these anyway.. i am strictly in download mode at this point (btw – this cd is available through itunes) but a bummer for those who do.

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