artcrank, part two

ok so i forgot to bring my camera to art-a-whirl.. but enjoyed some great art going on there (and one of my favorite past-times = people-watching) and even stumbled across the artcrank boys and their awesome poster art (my very favorite!) .. bought two posters..

the posters i really wanted were sold out (of course) but charles youel (director and curator of artcrank) assured me that you can contact the artists directly (through the artcrank site) and order more prints for many of these…

check out the site – their list of poster artists is impressive and includes some of my favorite aesthetic apparatus poster artists.. my only complaint : no gallery of all the prints (with the artists’ names associated).. so finding the artists to contact for the prints i want will take a bit of detective work :)

btw – this freakin awesome photo (and many – if not all? – on the artcrank site) by scott haraldson..

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super-cool / affordable / high-quality poster-art by 34 bike-lovin’ freaks + music by the keston and westdal + beer by rush river brewing ;)

this saturday april 5th / 7pm
@ one-on-one bikes + coffee + stuff
17 washington ave in the minneapolis warehouse district

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