Designer Post about Other Design Agencies Ripping Off His Design..

I started reading this post that someone sent me (“I’m Tired Of Companies Ripping off our site, So I’m Calling Them Out”).. and I admit I was skeptical at first (“Well there are only so many popular styles at the moment.. surely he’s overreacting..”) but I opened each of the sites in a new tab and compared them side by side – WTH?!? It’s insane that a design company would rip off another designer, yes – yet how much MORE insane that they would use a ripped off design for their own website (ie talking about what innovative designers they are..) – I’m blown away. Check it out!

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Swissted : Punk Rock + Swiss Modernism

Some super sweet design (+ many of the bands I grew up listening to ;) check em out in this webdesigner depot post..
Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.56.19 AM

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Sweet Design: Transparent Speaker on Kickstarter

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Android Design

This is an incredibly useful site for application designers + developers – the best I’ve seen – does an excellent job of explaining (and showing) designers the differences between what android users expect, vs iOS/iphone users…

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Tech startups with designer co-founders

Cool place for designers + tech startups to hook up…

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Laws that Choke Creativity

One of my favorite TED talks speaks to the REMIX Manefesto culture and the distortion of copyright laws

I know it seems long but you don’t have to watch most of it – works just as well to let it be the background music to 20 minutes of surfing.. If nothing else (if you’re NOT interested in this topic) at least fast forward to 9min and 30 sec and watch a seriously funny 2 minutes of (illegal) remix entertainment ;)

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Typography Portraits

really amazing work here – well worth a look

“A great design trend of seen appearing more and more often around the web is using typography to create portraits. This post I’ve compiled an amazing list of 25 beautiful typography portraits which are perfect for inspiration and are simply mind blowing designs…” – Creative Nerds

[submitted to picocool]

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lorem ipsum cuff

Cool thing: I want this soo badly.

“Life is better unscripted. Face the unknown wearing this wide stainless steel bracelet, laser-etched with centuries-old lorem ipsum scribed in Grad. For the designer who wants to say everything, and nothing, with a heavy dose of style.”


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cradle to cradle

ok mcdonough is pretty pompous (and his nose whistles throughout the entire presentation) but also insanely bright – this is great sustainable design presentation

if you can’t handle mcdonough fo 20 minutes – or you’re short on time – skip to the last 1/4 of the video and at least watch the part about the “green” cities they’re building in china..

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make art, not war

CALL TO ARTISTS: if you’re between projects and want something to do (and feel good about) go to www.anit-war.com and make some art for the anti-war movement. peace.

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Good 50×70 submission deadline

so, the Good 50×70, the “initiative to promote awareness amongst the creative community of the power they have to be a force for good,” is back for its second year (and it’s still cool..)

it provided by charities on 7 issues (which affect people all around the globe) and the competition is endorsed by: AGI, ICOGRADA, BEDA, ADI and AIAP

entrants are asked to design posters (on as many briefs as they wish) .. the winner is chosen by the jury of graphic design rockstars and the winning poster goes to the charities (to use for potential campaigns) and is exhibited around the world :)

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design is kinky

the deadline for the design is kinky / people like us semi-permanent 2008 design contest is fast approaching, for those who care to compete… this is actually a pretty cool contest and payment is (allegedly) 2 weeks after winner announcement

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