Designer Post about Other Design Agencies Ripping Off His Design..

I started reading this post that someone sent me (“I’m Tired Of Companies Ripping off our site, So I’m Calling Them Out”).. and I admit I was skeptical at first (“Well there are only so many popular styles at the moment.. surely he’s overreacting..”) but I opened each of the sites in a new tab and compared them side by side – WTH?!? It’s insane that a design company would rip off another designer, yes – yet how much MORE insane that they would use a ripped off design for their own website (ie talking about what innovative designers they are..) – I’m blown away. Check it out!

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Android Design

This is an incredibly useful site for application designers + developers – the best I’ve seen – does an excellent job of explaining (and showing) designers the differences between what android users expect, vs iOS/iphone users…

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