we don’t do clever & art crawl

we don’t do clever / first amendment
jennifer davis is having a show with jake keeler on saturday. jen’s work is just.. twisted. yet somehow manages to still comes across as sweet.. you really have to see it in person to get the full effect – but you can sort of get an idea here + jake’s work looks cool from what i have seen (online).. for a wordier, “art review-ish” take on the show – go here and read rod smith’s stuff.. otherwise, just take my word for it that the work is cool enough to take me way out of my way on a busy night

7-9pm @ first amendment
Special debut performance by The Book of Right On and deejays Wes Winship and Mike the 2600 King

st paul art crawl / the northern warehouse
i’m generally too lazy to huff it over to st paul very often but gina louise & other friends are showing at the art crawl today, too.. well worth the trip if i can get another one of gina’s pieces :) 12-8pm @ the northern warehouse building

NOTE: we’re heading over to annie’s b-day bash after these..

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aesthetic apparatus show

one my favorite local printmakers – aesthetic apparatus – are having another show…

saturday, april 26th @ Burlesque’s First Amendment (BFA) gallery, where there will be tons of amazing poster art + bands (and possibly even crackers and cheese :)

note: you won’t find the event listed on the BFA site (BFA never updates their site – slackers) but you will find directions to the gallery there..

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