save polaroid. save the world.

so you’ve heard of the “save polaroid” campaign.. but did you know is was a local thing?

On February 8, 2008, Polaroid Corporation announced that it would discontinue production of all instant film… shortly thereafter, local artist sean tubridy & some friends took up the cause and created the phenomena known around the world as savepolaroid.com, with the modest slogan of “save polaroid. save the world.”

my first thought when i saw the site was, “cool” and second, “that guy has way too much time on his hands”.. but i was wrong. in fact, it appears that this guy may be one of the busiest guys in minneapolis.

when tubridy’s not running around taking polaroids of toys (and trying to save the world), he’s busy creating and selling his graphic illustrations, collaborating with the soo gallery to create his first book “toys on roids”.. and running his web and graphic design company, blue over blue..

he’s also participating in a show at the soo visual arts center – which ends christmas eve.. who knew?

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make art, not war

CALL TO ARTISTS: if you’re between projects and want something to do (and feel good about) go to www.anit-war.com and make some art for the anti-war movement. peace.

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Good 50×70 submission deadline

so, the Good 50×70, the “initiative to promote awareness amongst the creative community of the power they have to be a force for good,” is back for its second year (and it’s still cool..)

it provided by charities on 7 issues (which affect people all around the globe) and the competition is endorsed by: AGI, ICOGRADA, BEDA, ADI and AIAP

entrants are asked to design posters (on as many briefs as they wish) .. the winner is chosen by the jury of graphic design rockstars and the winning poster goes to the charities (to use for potential campaigns) and is exhibited around the world :)

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design is kinky

the deadline for the design is kinky / people like us semi-permanent 2008 design contest is fast approaching, for those who care to compete… this is actually a pretty cool contest and payment is (allegedly) 2 weeks after winner announcement

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