Apple (Finally) Approves First DJ App

It’s been a long uphill battle for music app developers, with Apple leaving music apps in approval purgatory for loooong periods of time (with no official explanation) – a situation which sparked many music / tech blog posts and eventually led to a dj app petition.

Well.. who knows what finally prompted Apple to give Amidio Inc the green light but they have – and you can now buy the world’s first DJ app for iPhone / iPod touch – Touch DJ ($19.99). Now you can essentially go anywhere with no equipment in tow and no headphones and play dj.

Get the specs / more details on Touch DJ
Download it now from the app store

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Charge Gadgets with Pedal Power

Brilliant / Awesome .. This little box hooks up to your bike’s generator hub and converts your pedal power – plug in your cellphone / iPod / camera battery via the USB port and start charging.. (full charge takes three hours).

The BioLogic FreeCharge will go for just $100 when it ships next spring [March 2010]

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rip vinyl on the fly

super cool design concept – tiny record player arm with USB fits in your pocket and lets you pick up any record and rip it..

surely this (or something like it) will be a reality soon enough – too bad i already sold my record collection years ago :(

SOURCE: http://www.pyottdesign.com/linos/

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zen bound

i’m not really a big fan of games that are played on electronic devices, but zen bound is different

unlike most games, played with guns and lasers, zen bound is played with stone, wood and rope – “A calm and meditative game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures”… hmmm. sounds boring but it’s actually pretty addictive / relaxing, with it’s slow speed and meditative soundtrack (thx to ghost monkey)

it might even inspire me to get that swanky new reclaimed bamboo case ;)

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broadcast yourself with audioboo

if you’re unfamiliar with the world of podcasting, it’s like “social audio” sharing.. you create audio files and people can listen to them on their computer or phone

think of it as your own radio show.. where you can offer interviews, your band’s music, social / political rants, product reviews, tutorials… whatever – you create it and folks can then subscribe to your “station”

audioboo has made creating and listening to podcasts insanely simple – and now you can do it with your iphone ;)

iphone app | audioboo site | audioboo video tutorial

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rip music from your ipod

the ability to easily rip your ipod to a computer is the number one feature request by ipod users – but – it’s not going to happen, since apple has to play nice with the content providers. okay, piracy is very real concern but there are other, perfectly legit reasons you may need to do this…

if you’re on a mac, simply download senuti and follow the instructions (free 30 trial). all of the songs on the ipod will be auto added to your itunes music folder and your itunes playlist (so they’ll be loaded on the next ipod you sync)

if you’re on a pc it’s not quite so simple but still possible – you can use winamp along with it’s ipod plugins or just do this:
-Connect your iPod to your computer
-Run iTunes if it doesn’t automatically
-Go to Edit – Preferences
-Select “Manually manage songs and playlists”. This also opens up “disk use”
-Open My Computer from your desktop
-Go to the Tools menu, now select “Folder Options”
-Go to the View tab
-Click the radial button that says: “Show hidden files and folders”
- Now click OK on the Folder Options window
- In My Computer locate the iPod storage device (opened via disk use)
-Open the iPod_Control folder
-Inside you’ll find the Music folder..

there you go :)

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i ♥ my iphone apps

Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio that streams music on your Phone. start with the name of one of a favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora creates a “station” that plays their music and more music like it. .

With Shazam your phone “listens” to the music playing wherever you are and identifies the track/artist + gives you a link to buy it..

true voice recognition – not only can you speak your twitter/facebook updates (rather than type) you can also : initiate calls to anyone in your address book, Search for anything through Yahoo! or Google or Look up and map local listings.. all by just “asking” your phone to do so..

i have waited my whole life for this… while i’m creeped out by some of the gps apps, this one is dear to my heart – i park my car and tap “Park Me” – on the way back, i hit “Where Did I Park” for turn-by-turn directions back

unlike most recording apps, speakeasy records clearly and has no time limit – i’m a terrible note-taker, so this is my answer for any client meeting. import the recordings directly into itunes (and make ringtones if you like)

When you see a book, CD, DVD, or game at a friend’s house you want to look up, use snapTell Explorer to take a photo of it – it looks up your item and gives you links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wikipedia, and straight-up search engines so you can compare prices and find out more about it

quad camera
The most sold camera app in Japan. This application changes your iphone to the fun lomo camera and allows for allowing 4-8 serial (rapid fire, continuous shooting) shots – then use quad-animator to make animated gifs

go green – view product “green” ratings and see what’s behind the label of your favorite brands. Quickly check products or browse the top rated products in a category while you’re in the store , Create personalized shopping lists, get product recommendations based on the companies “green rating” and customer reviews

things to look forward to:

Xumii’s free social networking address book
bring Facebook, Google Talk, Flickr and other contacts all in one place – this app sounds unbelievable (so i guess i’ll believe it when i see it)

Flexible Computer Screens
okay this isn’t an iphone app – but i am soooo looking forward to it that i had to mention it

simplify media
this app promises “Access all of your Simplify Media music from your iPhone & iPod Touch” ie stream your entire collection (sans itune purchases – there goes half of mine) from your machine without taking up a ton of (non-existent) space on your phone.. in reality, it takes forever to snag the songs and the plaback is dodgy (lots of pauses) so – useless. but this apps assures us that they’re working on it and we want to believe

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design is kinky

the deadline for the design is kinky / people like us semi-permanent 2008 design contest is fast approaching, for those who care to compete… this is actually a pretty cool contest and payment is (allegedly) 2 weeks after winner announcement

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