peepshow @ rosalux

so we’re off to some openings tonight, including the peepshow @ rosalux – which looks like fun..

missed story of the sea last night, which blows – but i had other fish to fry.. including looking for a new machine. have to send this one back to the company and i’m seriously unhappy about it. it’s the software that is the real problem.. i can either buy a brand new laptop + a ton of replacement software ($$$$) or try to find someone who is upgrading and wants to sell their old machine (fully loaded).. obviously the cheaper option.

so if you happen to be upgrading & are looking for someone to take your “old” (i.e. a year or so) machine off your hands, please contact me

here’s what i’m looking for, at a minimum:
- macbook pro (pref 17 inch)
- adobe creative suite (pref v 3 or 4)
- OR (at least) : dreamweaver, flash, illustrator, photoshop & acrobat

email me : ip@ [insert site url here]
thanks :)

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