peepshow @ rosalux

so we’re off to some openings tonight, including the peepshow @ rosalux – which looks like fun..

missed story of the sea last night, which blows – but i had other fish to fry.. including looking for a new machine. have to send this one back to the company and i’m seriously unhappy about it. it’s the software that is the real problem.. i can either buy a brand new laptop + a ton of replacement software ($$$$) or try to find someone who is upgrading and wants to sell their old machine (fully loaded).. obviously the cheaper option.

so if you happen to be upgrading & are looking for someone to take your “old” (i.e. a year or so) machine off your hands, please contact me

here’s what i’m looking for, at a minimum:
- macbook pro (pref 17 inch)
- adobe creative suite (pref v 3 or 4)
- OR (at least) : dreamweaver, flash, illustrator, photoshop & acrobat

email me : ip@ [insert site url here]
thanks :)

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just another lazy selfish bastard

the day after christmas and i am tired but not hung over. my short list for last night included: check out the soundbar’s xmas party, stop by the triple rock for Staraoke and visit a friend & drop off a gift. instead i hung out on my couch in my underwear, watching “iron man” and eating an entire thing of “cherry garcia”.

the day after christmas is one of the most depressing days of the year to me. i don’t know why – it’s not like i really look forward to christmas, so there should be no crash afterward. but it always finds me thinking about new years.. and resolutions.

every year i claim to not make any resolutions, but privately i insert several new “to-do”s into my lists for the year. after reading an article on how “we learn much about ourselves by looking at our new years resolutions” or some such bullsht, i decided to pull up last year’s list and review my failures…

from 2008 (filed under, “become a better person”):

1) volunteer somewhere. this one makes the list every year.. and never happens. this year i did manage to get my company to do some free work for a favorite local charity of mine, Smile Network international but i don’t feel like that counts, since i didn’t have to work very hard to achieve it. i did manage to get around to researching several local volunteer opportunities but that’s it… my conclusion is always the same: “not enough time”. so what can i learn about myself from this one ..i’m a selfish bastard with my time?

2) read more. this one is left pretty open, so you’d think i could manage it… but a short list under the header includes: 2a) keep up on reading the new yorker & wired yeah right, i read maybe one in 6 of the new yorkers – this damn magazine just keeps coming every week to taunt me.. (i actually have come to completely dread seeing it in my mailbox). wired is a little better but more often than not i read an article or two and then just login and browse the blog headers.. 2b) read a book every month this is bad – i did manage to read about 5 books this year, but they were all in airplanes & airports, over the course of 3 weekends. which is not “one each month”, by any stretch). again – my excuse is always “lack of time”, but the reality here is that i saw probably a few dozen films this year (this week alone – hancock, iron man & burn after reading) so obviously that’s time that could have been spent reading.. so now i’m thinking this means i’m also a lazy bastard..

3) learn something new. thank god for this one.. i actually did learn something new this year – php. so i may be a selfish lazy bastard.. but i am not completely hopeless – or at least that’s how i interpret it.

This year i can already see the top 3 “non-resolution” resolutions, floating in front of my face:
1) volunteer somewhere.
2) read more.
and finally, a real (official) new year’s resolution (the mother of all new years resolutions)..
3) no more cigarettes.

hopefully i can do better than 1 out of 3 in 2009… and hopefully i can make some progress on becoming less of a bastard by next december 26th.

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wrapping up the year

with so many things coming up (ranging from intimate parties to big events) in the next 7 days, i couldn’t seem to figure out which one to feature here.. my first thought was to write a short blurb on each one until i realized that i don’t even have the time to look up all the details for each event.. besides – that’s what FaceBook (intimate parties) and Vita.mn (big events) are for..

instead i will just say that this has been a great year. I’m very happy to have been back in minneapolis these past few months and am enjoying it so much more after so many years away (always the case, i guess). i’ve been lucky in both renewing old friendships & creating new ones – and next year is already off to a great start, with a new administration stepping in..

i wish you happy holidays and look forward to seeing you at one or more of the next week’s events..

happy new year!

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art shows last night

everything about last night was .. not normal. started out with a few people meeting up @ a friend’s place and somehow we decided that piling seven or so people into one vehicle was a good idea.. many weird dramas took place between 10pm and 3am (that will not be detailed here.. you’re welcome) but we managed to squeeze in 3 art shows:

rhea pappas @ the fallout urban art center
the senior show for rhea, celebrating her graduation from mcad. i had no idea her images were so huge.. some great images here (i am trying to convince her to become a suicide girls photographer on the side – we’ll see) check out her books on her site

the support show @ art of this gallery
silent auction to benefit “free arts mn” non-profit group, with works by john grider, Tara Costello and many more.. insanely good prices on these works – unfortunately – i’m broke from x-mas shopping :(
decent turnout though and the awesome little thrift store next door stayed open (which came in super handy when gina had a serious wardrobe malfunction – thanks to the very nice girl @ the counter who re-opened the store for her)

opening for allen brewer @ umber studios
this show had an impressive turnout – the studio was packed with very good-looking people.. yeah it’s tiny but that’s still impressive for it’s location. my first time @ umber and i liked it. alot. excellent presentation & friendly bar service (though the food was extremely .. odd – oh well, didn’t come for the food anyway)

stopped by the leaning tower as well, to see john erste’s new mural over the bar (and for the best drink special in town – 2 for 1 on ANY DRINK) .. check it out the next time you go there

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kadlac’s loft-warming

kadlac is your typical hip, fashion-forward, 30-something flash designer man of mystery (didn’t he win vitamn’s most eligible bachelor thing?).. so of course he had to buy a huge loft and rub our noses in it.

join us as in celebrating his huge head and ability to finagle a decent mortgage loan in this economy @ his loft-warming party in the new international market square lofts – featuring artwork by erin sayer

email me @ my personal email address or call for the loft #

where: International Market Square Lofts, dt mpls
when: this friday @ 7pm
site: www.kadlac.com

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rhea pappas opening @ perpich

although i’m not familiar with this series in particular, i was lucky enough to run into rhea on the way to get her new book printed.. the book focuses on the “sisters” series and will be living in my home soon..

her images are simple and beautiful – and each of these seemingly “normal” environments/moments that she captures somehow seem to shift and take on an increasingly haunting quality, the closer i look… like i have stumbled in on some intensely personal moment or exchange that i had no right to witness. subtly eerie expressions… great work. the fact that rhea pappas is still a student makes it that much more impressive

If you can’t make this one, there is an opening for her sisters series in mid-december – more on that here soon

what: art opening (black and white photography, winter beauties series)
where: perpich center for arts education, 6125 Olson Memorial Highway
when: thursday dec 4, 2008 6:30-9 PM
website: www.RheaPappas.com

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nine inch nails tonight

what: concert
where: Target Center, DT Minneapolis
when: tonight – Tuesday Nov 25, 2008 @ 7:30 PM
cost: $89 – $383
website: www.nin.com/

okay – this concert was amazing. seriously. granted, i haven’t seen an arena show in about 15 years or so .. the last one was Jane’s Addiction or Chili Peppers headlining (i honestly can’t remember which – so that gives you some idea of my state of mind back then) with smashing pumpkins opening, right after gish came out – (this show only filled HALf of roy wilkins!! and corgan threw a hissy fit, stopping mid-song to threaten that he was going to leave if the crowd didn’t pay attention to him – what a whiner) because i hate big venues (give me first avenue – where i actually saw the best nin concert in the history of nin concerts.. but now i’m rambling)

but even my jaded arena-concert loving friends agreed that it was the best show they had seen – blowing both beck and radiohead out of the water with the crazy lcd screen sht.. it was obviously a stretch for them to blend the old with the new tho (and the new won, hands down). the songs from year zero, the slip and ghosts were absolutely amazing, but the kids preferred the old stand-bys (song 10-20 years old) and i found myself getting that feeling i experience when watching the big cats do “tricks” at the zoo.. slightly sad and wanting to look away, out of respect. regardless, i guess getting paid to perform (even songs 20 years old) is better than most jobs and performing those four or five songs probably paid for these lcd screens.

that said, my favorite song of the night was actually “big come down” :) so i guess i still want to hear some old stuff too.. the greater good and great destroyer were amazing and every track from ghosts blew my mind (the visuals blended best with these songs, i think). songs from the slip were awesome too but fit oddly with the rest (head down and echoplex were particularly perfect.. hey, it just occurs to me that i don’t think they played demon seed.. which is disappointing..hmm) and this was the coolest thing i have ever actually seen with my (relatvely sober) eyes.. (ie not in my head) – check it out on youtube [note: click "watch in high quality"]

lastly – the one thing that really wasn’t great about this show was the fact that we weren’t on the floor – my fault, since i missed the nin.com presale by 15 minutes due to poor planning (i was on a plane, waiting to take off and the stewardess put the smack down on my attempted ticket purchasing :(

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this weekend

okay i’ve been looking forward to this show for a month :) the eagles of death metal will be playing at the fine line tomorrow night – you can find all the info on that show here and the new album, heart on, is now available for download on itunes

the northrup king is also having it’s 11th annual Art attack this weekend – most of the building’s 160+ tenants will open their studios for us to wander through & they’ll be a fashion show, live music, demonstrations and a chance to win $500 in Art Bucks as well..

the show starts tonight and goes through sunday: Friday 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. | Saturday noon to 8:00 p.m. | Sunday 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. the nkb is located @1500 Jackson Street NE [map/directions] – while you’re there, be sure to check out studio #341

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voting is cool

this tuesday is election day…

if you are unsure about where you must go to vote, you can use the minnesota poll finder to find that information and/or call 651-215-1440

BBC: “Obama is elected US president- Democratic Senator Barack Obama is elected the first black president of the United States, according to projected results.”

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studio 406

friday october 31st

studio 406
the california building
2205 california street
north east mpls

doors @8pm | byo

… and later …

friends Zebulon Pike are playing
with guests, Heroine Sheiks
@ the turf club

[view pics from this night on flickr]

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watch party @ the riverview

head down to the riverview theater and catch the 3rd (and final) debate between Senators Obama and McCain with hundreds of like-minded strangers (ok i’m assuming.. if you’re heading to the riverside to see a presidential debate = you’re like-minded)

of course, it would probably be more productive to watch the debate with your parent(s) or some “undecided” friend/co-worker and do your part to covert them… but so much more enjoyable to get riled up with a mob that agrees with you

the show starts at 8pm on wednesday, they’re waiving the usual $3 admission fee and it runs for 90 minutes.. which means you can make it to the triple rock before the free bacon is gone (unless you have a job, in which case there’s just enough time to get home and catch the daily show / colbert report)

. . .

if you are not yet registered to vote – tomorrow is the last day to pre-register..
Hennepin County Elections
A-600 Government Center
300 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN

artwork : barack obama, oil / metal
this piece and other works by erin sayer will be @ the group show on saturday.. you should come

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This Is My Brain on Chantix

i did a google search on chantix and came across this article in new york magazine.. even if you don’t know/care about chantix, the article is well written and highly entertaining

reading this started me down a winding path of numerous chantix-related stories and forum posts – the highlight of which for me was pfizer’s asinine suggestion that “..(the people who committed suicide on chantix) were very likely suicidal before they started taking the drug..” … yeah, right – i know that i personally would need to schedule in a few months of withdrawal / struggle to overcome my socially unacceptable nicotine addiction before i could kill myself with any sense of real peace about it

i’m not saying this man’s article/experience is the final word on the drug – i know a few people who are walking chantix testimonials .. they took it successfully* and swear it’s the miracle pill every addict dreams of.. and doctors are certainly prescribing it like it’s aspirin – but if we’ve learned anything from the discovery heath channel, it’s that blind faith in our healers can often lead to death.. so, if you are considering taking this drug (or know someone who is) you might want to read up on it first..

*successfully = they are still alive and are not smoking at the moment
of course the relapse rate for smokers is higher than heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine (i actually know more long-term “ex”-junkies than “ex”-smokers, but maybe that’s just a reflection of my questionable social circle) and chantix’s true relapse figures are just starting to show.. what is clear at this point is that the relapse rate of chantix users is much higher than those who quit with no drugs/nicotine replacement whatsoever.

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eagles of death metal are coming

the eagles of death metal will be @ the fine line on saturday november 8th and i can’t imagine why you wouldn’t go

seems the new album (heart on) will be released this month, so you will have some time to familiarize yourself with the new songs before the show.. if you don’t have the first two eodm albums – you can pick up both their first release (peace love death metal) and their second (death by sexy) on itunes.

if you are unfamiliar with the band, it was formed in 1998 by josh homme of qotsa and jesse hughes. you can learn more about the band here and/or hear their music here

Saturday, November 8, 2008
fine line music cafe / dt mpls
doors 8pm / music 9pm
$18 in advance / $20 door*
limited availability of upper level/rail seats (+drinks/food) $80
get tickets here (available in 40 minutes)
*the chances of any door tickets are slim – i strongly suggest advance tickets

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toys in the attic

if you missed the opening of the squad19 group show last night, don’t stress – it runs through october 31st.

The exhibition features paintings, prints and custom toys by AmyJo, DC Ice, DWITT, Punchgut, Lon Unitus, Aaron Purmort, Adam Turman, Steve Tenebrini, Tooth and more…

ok the image is a bit misleading.. you cannot get this print @ this show.. but it is a squad19 poster and i thought it might get your attention. sorry. i wish i was announcing a queens show..

gallery 122 is located @ 122 8TH St SE Minneapolis

now through october 31st, gallery hours are here

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george clinton p-funk @ first ave

GEORGE CLINTON & PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC will be at first ave on tuesday, may 27 2008 .. if you’ve ever seen this show you know it’s crazy-fun – def worth $25 for the evening + the drink specials on tuesdays are good, so you won’t need a ton of pocket cash.. but i highly recommend taking a cab (beyond the whole $3000 Dwi thing, parking won’t be fun)

show details here

quick aside: rumor is first ave is (finally) getting an rss feed for the calendar next month, if you were missing one

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