White House Official Response to SOPA/PIPA

The White House comes out against SOPA/PIPA (in it’s current form) in an official response to an online petition.. completely rejecting ANY form of DNS blocking, etc…

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Rappers feeling the recession

Yeah Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize today (Go Obama!) but on a lighter note, this is HILARIOUS – Slim Thug talks about how the recession is effecting the rap industry on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: 60% less video hos, diamond-encrusted glock sales are down and weed doesn’t really count as health care..

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conservative street art (?)

yesterday i ran across a post on iteeth that offered this image and then suggested “.. this feels like the work of a rightwing advocacy group rather than a bona fide conservative street-artist.”

the post had an immediate / bizarre effect on me – i felt physically repulsed by the image. it upset me. but right on the heels of that feeling was a balking at the sentence under it. Why would it be assumed that the work was not from a “bona fide conservative street-artist”? and what makes a street artist “bona fide” anyway?

a quick google search revealed that the image had upset a lot of people and pretty much no one accepted it as “bona fide” street art.

as much as i hate this image (yes, i’m an avid Obama supporter) – i can’t help but think – would the the same image, if liberal (insert Bush or Cheney portrait), result in us questioning it’s right to be considered legitimate street art / political protest?

in my opinion, regardless of who creates it – and whether they have a street artist “certificate/degree” (?) or not – political protest through artwork is extremely important. i would hate to think that we liberals are guilty of the same crap the conservatives have been spewing: Protest that we don’t agree with = Terrorism.

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voting is cool

this tuesday is election day…

if you are unsure about where you must go to vote, you can use the minnesota poll finder to find that information and/or call 651-215-1440

BBC: “Obama is elected US president- Democratic Senator Barack Obama is elected the first black president of the United States, according to projected results.”

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watch party @ the riverview

head down to the riverview theater and catch the 3rd (and final) debate between Senators Obama and McCain with hundreds of like-minded strangers (ok i’m assuming.. if you’re heading to the riverside to see a presidential debate = you’re like-minded)

of course, it would probably be more productive to watch the debate with your parent(s) or some “undecided” friend/co-worker and do your part to covert them… but so much more enjoyable to get riled up with a mob that agrees with you

the show starts at 8pm on wednesday, they’re waiving the usual $3 admission fee and it runs for 90 minutes.. which means you can make it to the triple rock before the free bacon is gone (unless you have a job, in which case there’s just enough time to get home and catch the daily show / colbert report)

. . .

if you are not yet registered to vote – tomorrow is the last day to pre-register..
Hennepin County Elections
A-600 Government Center
300 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN

artwork : barack obama, oil / metal
this piece and other works by erin sayer will be @ the group show on saturday.. you should come

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check out shephard’s obama print | check out obama

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