Gig Poster Sale

Magers and Quinn (independent bookstore) are inviting folks down for a poster sale to celebrate the release of Gig Posters Volume I: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century

if you aren’t familiar with the 11-by-14-inch paperback of rock art, it features gig posters from a ton of cool artists – including local favs: DWITT, Squad 19, Tooth, Amy Jo, Lonny Unitus and Burlesque of North America – and their rock posters created for First Avenue, 7th Street Entry, 400 Bar, Triple Rock Social Club and other music venues across the country..

Sunday June 14, 6pm-9pm
Magers and Quinn Booksellers [uptown, 3038 Hennepin]

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toys in the attic

if you missed the opening of the squad19 group show last night, don’t stress – it runs through october 31st.

The exhibition features paintings, prints and custom toys by AmyJo, DC Ice, DWITT, Punchgut, Lon Unitus, Aaron Purmort, Adam Turman, Steve Tenebrini, Tooth and more…

ok the image is a bit misleading.. you cannot get this print @ this show.. but it is a squad19 poster and i thought it might get your attention. sorry. i wish i was announcing a queens show..

gallery 122 is located @ 122 8TH St SE Minneapolis

now through october 31st, gallery hours are here

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artcrank, part two

ok so i forgot to bring my camera to art-a-whirl.. but enjoyed some great art going on there (and one of my favorite past-times = people-watching) and even stumbled across the artcrank boys and their awesome poster art (my very favorite!) .. bought two posters..

the posters i really wanted were sold out (of course) but charles youel (director and curator of artcrank) assured me that you can contact the artists directly (through the artcrank site) and order more prints for many of these…

check out the site – their list of poster artists is impressive and includes some of my favorite aesthetic apparatus poster artists.. my only complaint : no gallery of all the prints (with the artists’ names associated).. so finding the artists to contact for the prints i want will take a bit of detective work :)

btw – this freakin awesome photo (and many – if not all? – on the artcrank site) by scott haraldson..

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aesthetic apparatus show

one my favorite local printmakers – aesthetic apparatus – are having another show…

saturday, april 26th @ Burlesque’s First Amendment (BFA) gallery, where there will be tons of amazing poster art + bands (and possibly even crackers and cheese :)

note: you won’t find the event listed on the BFA site (BFA never updates their site – slackers) but you will find directions to the gallery there..

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