This Is My Brain on Chantix

i did a google search on chantix and came across this article in new york magazine.. even if you don’t know/care about chantix, the article is well written and highly entertaining

reading this started me down a winding path of numerous chantix-related stories and forum posts – the highlight of which for me was pfizer’s asinine suggestion that “..(the people who committed suicide on chantix) were very likely suicidal before they started taking the drug..” … yeah, right – i know that i personally would need to schedule in a few months of withdrawal / struggle to overcome my socially unacceptable nicotine addiction before i could kill myself with any sense of real peace about it

i’m not saying this man’s article/experience is the final word on the drug – i know a few people who are walking chantix testimonials .. they took it successfully* and swear it’s the miracle pill every addict dreams of.. and doctors are certainly prescribing it like it’s aspirin – but if we’ve learned anything from the discovery heath channel, it’s that blind faith in our healers can often lead to death.. so, if you are considering taking this drug (or know someone who is) you might want to read up on it first..

*successfully = they are still alive and are not smoking at the moment
of course the relapse rate for smokers is higher than heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine (i actually know more long-term “ex”-junkies than “ex”-smokers, but maybe that’s just a reflection of my questionable social circle) and chantix’s true relapse figures are just starting to show.. what is clear at this point is that the relapse rate of chantix users is much higher than those who quit with no drugs/nicotine replacement whatsoever.

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