wrapping up the year

with so many things coming up (ranging from intimate parties to big events) in the next 7 days, i couldn’t seem to figure out which one to feature here.. my first thought was to write a short blurb on each one until i realized that i don’t even have the time to look up all the details for each event.. besides – that’s what FaceBook (intimate parties) and Vita.mn (big events) are for..

instead i will just say that this has been a great year. I’m very happy to have been back in minneapolis these past few months and am enjoying it so much more after so many years away (always the case, i guess). i’ve been lucky in both renewing old friendships & creating new ones – and next year is already off to a great start, with a new administration stepping in..

i wish you happy holidays and look forward to seeing you at one or more of the next week’s events..

happy new year!

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