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“Make it pretty, please.” It’s rule one for painters Shawn McNulty and Scott Wenner..

They may maintain disparate styles and approaches but the root philosophy is the same, which is a belief in the power of beauty in art and the necessity of a painting to be first and foremost aesthetically pleasing. Before a work can challenge you, delight you, depress you, or repulse you, it must have your undivided attention. And everyone knows, only the beautiful get attention

both artists offer abstract works that are seemingly simple (at first look, anyway) and beautiful – check it out this saturday @ the opening reception

when : this saturday (03.07.09), 7pm – 11pm
where: rosalux gallery, mpls
show runs march 04th – 31st

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peepshow @ rosalux

so we’re off to some openings tonight, including the peepshow @ rosalux – which looks like fun..

missed story of the sea last night, which blows – but i had other fish to fry.. including looking for a new machine. have to send this one back to the company and i’m seriously unhappy about it. it’s the software that is the real problem.. i can either buy a brand new laptop + a ton of replacement software ($$$$) or try to find someone who is upgrading and wants to sell their old machine (fully loaded).. obviously the cheaper option.

so if you happen to be upgrading & are looking for someone to take your “old” (i.e. a year or so) machine off your hands, please contact me

here’s what i’m looking for, at a minimum:
- macbook pro (pref 17 inch)
- adobe creative suite (pref v 3 or 4)
- OR (at least) : dreamweaver, flash, illustrator, photoshop & acrobat

email me : ip@ [insert site url here]
thanks :)

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