10 Predictions (an Exercise)

Good read – looking back at some interesting predictions that Steve made (drunken blog rant) and an exercise worth taking a stab at here.

1. XML databases will surpass relational databases in popularity by 2011.
2. Someone will make a lot of money by hosting open-source web applications.
3. Multi-threaded programming will fall out of favor by 2012.
4. Java’s “market share” on the JVM will drop below 50% by 2010.
5. Lisp will be in the top 10 most popular programming languages by 2010.
6. A new internet community-hangout will appear. One that you and I will frequent.
7. The mobile/wireless/handheld market is still at least 5 years out.
8. Someday I will voluntarily pay Google for one of their services.
9. Apple’s laptop sales will exceed those of HP/Compaq, IBM, Dell and Gateway combined by 2010.
10. In five years’ time, most programmers will still be average.

Read the details here: https://sites.google.com/site/steveyegge2/ten-predictions

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Joel Spolsky on the Reverse Management Pyramid

In tech startup land, we all understand instinctively that we have to hire super smart people, but we forget that we then have to organize the workforce so that those people can use their brains 24/7. Thus, the upside-down pyramid. Stop thinking of the management team at the top of the organization. Start thinking of the software developers, the designers, the product managers, and the front line sales people as the top of the organization…

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If You Want to Stay Safe on Facebook, Don’t Use It

I was once at Facebook headquarters at Palo Alto, and I saw on one of the network engineer’s tables a Narus pamphlet. Narus is the company that did interception with the NSA and AT&T in the US. Those two companies and Narus did the analysis of the illegal wiretapping of the entire American population’s phone calls and data travelling through AT&T data centres. Facebook’s looking at the same solution. It should give you some idea about what Facebook is…

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Path Uploads Your Entire Address Book to it’s Servers

I’m curious as to how this slipped past Apple’s app approval process, as it directly violates the stated privacy rules.. “Upon inspecting closer, I noticed that my entire address book (including full names, emails and phone numbers) was being sent as a plist to Path. Now I don’t remember having given permission to Path to access my address book and send its contents to its servers…”

//EDIT// Apparently Hipster does this as well, in the form of “an email param that includes a comma-separated list of email addresses”…

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Indian Court Forces Facebook + Google to Censor Content

This is quite a reversal for the two Internet giants; both Facebook and Google have previously said they can’t and won’t censor content in the country. Before today, the companies have always argued they can’t be held legally responsible under the law for content posted by third parties, regardless of how offensive someone may find it. India is Facebook’s third-fastest growing market, after the U.S. and Indonesia…

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Nice (anonymous) way to put out feelers for that new employment opportunity..

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Silicon Valley’s Productivity Secret

Snippets is a management process that scales because transparency means that individual engineers can manage themselves and individual engineers can manage each other without having to go through a middleman. It’s the disruptive power of peer-to-peer for management centered around atomic units of work…

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Tech Firm Poaching Agreements

Today, a lawyer for the plaintiffs briefed Bloomberg about the case, and according to that attorney, even more dirty laundry will be aired from here on out, as a decision in the case yesterday requires the defendants to produce even more documents revealing the extent of the “no-poach” arrangement, and whether it was a matter of individual informal agreements or a larger conspiracy…

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Hackers to Put Their Own Internet into Space

There’s more than one way to stick it to The Man… a team of German hackers are building a hacker-owned-and-operated space program, complete with a constellation of communications satellites beaming uncensored Internet to users on the ground…

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New Rational Calendar Proposed

Time is eternal, but methods of tracking it are not — and so a Johns Hopkins University astronomer wants to replace leap years and floating dates with a sleek and standardized system for the world…

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The Coming War on General Purpose Computation

The last 20 years of Internet policy have been dominated by the copyright war, but the war turns out only to have been a skirmish…

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Google Won’t Let RIAA Program It’s Search Algorithm

Now that’s interesting. I didn’t realize that “free” and “download” were illegal terms. Especially since Lady Gaga and her manager have both expressed interest in giving away her music for free. It seems that the RIAA’s real complaint is that the end result of the searches still points people to some sites that offer infringing works. But that’s a totally different complaint. Google could censor the words “free” and “download” and within hours people involved in infringement would come up with alternative words…

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Anonymous on #OpBlackOut

(the 99%):  We all have a reason and the power to fight this..lets replace the face of the internet with a clear message about how we feel about censorship…

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Tech startups with designer co-founders

Cool place for designers + tech startups to hook up…

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Apple (Finally) Approves First DJ App

It’s been a long uphill battle for music app developers, with Apple leaving music apps in approval purgatory for loooong periods of time (with no official explanation) – a situation which sparked many music / tech blog posts and eventually led to a dj app petition.

Well.. who knows what finally prompted Apple to give Amidio Inc the green light but they have – and you can now buy the world’s first DJ app for iPhone / iPod touch – Touch DJ ($19.99). Now you can essentially go anywhere with no equipment in tow and no headphones and play dj.

Get the specs / more details on Touch DJ
Download it now from the app store

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GEEK P0RN: The 6th Sense

If you have any interest in future tech and/or are a SciFi Geek – drop whatever you’re doing and bow to this TED Talk. This demonstration of the holy grail of tech toys – the 6th Sense – is freaking awesome. Though the final consumer-perfect version is years off, the technology itself will be released as OPEN SOURCE “in a matter of months” and the geeks will be able to throw a working version (such as the one shown in this video) for around $300.


UPDATE: check out another TED talk on the 6th sense..
Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology
Thanks to @kdragon87 for the heads up :)

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Future of Web: 5yrs

Read Write Web posted an article yesterday – Google’s Eric Schmidt on What the Web Will Look Like in 5 Years which outlines some of the most interesting points of this 45 minute video.. if you aren’t geek enough to actually watch (or listen) to this whole thing – do stop in and check out the list of points

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