Patent Trolls = Devastating Consequences for Innovation

Today it is perfectly legal for companies to buy and sell the rights to unlimited numbers of ideas, a company is not required to have any interest in making these ideas a reality. It is perfectly legal for companies to sit on patents and wait for others to create before either suing the creator or charging licensing fees…

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Tech Firm Poaching Agreements

Today, a lawyer for the plaintiffs briefed Bloomberg about the case, and according to that attorney, even more dirty laundry will be aired from here on out, as a decision in the case yesterday requires the defendants to produce even more documents revealing the extent of the “no-poach” arrangement, and whether it was a matter of individual informal agreements or a larger conspiracy…

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Intel Claytronics: Programmable Matter

No jet packs yet – tho, slowly but surely, our SciFi fantasies are becoming reality.. this is my new favorite future tech video

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