GEEK P0RN: The 6th Sense

If you have any interest in future tech and/or are a SciFi Geek – drop whatever you’re doing and bow to this TED Talk. This demonstration of the holy grail of tech toys – the 6th Sense – is freaking awesome. Though the final consumer-perfect version is years off, the technology itself will be released as OPEN SOURCE “in a matter of months” and the geeks will be able to throw a working version (such as the one shown in this video) for around $300.


UPDATE: check out another TED talk on the 6th sense..
Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology
Thanks to @kdragon87 for the heads up :)

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Laws that Choke Creativity

One of my favorite TED talks speaks to the REMIX Manefesto culture and the distortion of copyright laws

I know it seems long but you don’t have to watch most of it – works just as well to let it be the background music to 20 minutes of surfing.. If nothing else (if you’re NOT interested in this topic) at least fast forward to 9min and 30 sec and watch a seriously funny 2 minutes of (illegal) remix entertainment ;)

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Siftables: the coolest things ever.

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