on v-day

The good news: VD09 made the City Pages a-list

The bad news: about half of what they wrote is not true – but what can you do?

8pm : show @ Umber Studios
fingers crossed: 4 girls pulling heartstrings (dc ice, rebecca sullivan, torey bonar & jessica helvey)

9pm : show @ Altered Esthetics
REJECTED! Artists’ Discussion and Valentine’s Day Party! (3PM – 10PM)

10PM : VD09 show @ the NKB
V-day show @ the nkb – get the (correct!) details @ www.vd09.com (7PM – Midnight)

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art shows last night

everything about last night was .. not normal. started out with a few people meeting up @ a friend’s place and somehow we decided that piling seven or so people into one vehicle was a good idea.. many weird dramas took place between 10pm and 3am (that will not be detailed here.. you’re welcome) but we managed to squeeze in 3 art shows:

rhea pappas @ the fallout urban art center
the senior show for rhea, celebrating her graduation from mcad. i had no idea her images were so huge.. some great images here (i am trying to convince her to become a suicide girls photographer on the side – we’ll see) check out her books on her site

the support show @ art of this gallery
silent auction to benefit “free arts mn” non-profit group, with works by john grider, Tara Costello and many more.. insanely good prices on these works – unfortunately – i’m broke from x-mas shopping :(
decent turnout though and the awesome little thrift store next door stayed open (which came in super handy when gina had a serious wardrobe malfunction – thanks to the very nice girl @ the counter who re-opened the store for her)

opening for allen brewer @ umber studios
this show had an impressive turnout – the studio was packed with very good-looking people.. yeah it’s tiny but that’s still impressive for it’s location. my first time @ umber and i liked it. alot. excellent presentation & friendly bar service (though the food was extremely .. odd – oh well, didn’t come for the food anyway)

stopped by the leaning tower as well, to see john erste’s new mural over the bar (and for the best drink special in town – 2 for 1 on ANY DRINK) .. check it out the next time you go there

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