Taking the Uptown Out of Uptown

Switchblade Comb, Star Tribune and City Pages all reporting that the end is near for one of our city’s most iconic live venues, the Uptown Bar – at least in Uptown..

“The Minneapolis Planning Commission has approved the Uptown Bar owner Frank Toonen’s application that would allow him to tear down the bar and replace it with a three-story retail unit. The proposed retail building is being developed by Urban Anthology who are responsible for Victoria Secret and American Apparel opening in the Uptown neighborhood. The last chance the bar has for staying in its present location is if the Heritage Preservation Commission intervenes at their next meeting on September 1.”
- Switchblade Comb

UPDATE 09/11 :
“November 1 ends it. I suggest keeping your evenings free and plan on going into work late from October 1 – November 1. There are gonna be some amazing shows that last month that the bar is open. Bands that you would never imagine playing the Uptown Bar will be playing the Uptown Bar.”

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help keep uptown open late

one of the best late night / early am places in minneapolis is in immediate danger .. the uptown diner is an after-bar staple – with doors open friday am through sunday pm – one of the few places you can get a decent meal at 4am

after 6 years on the corner of Hennepin & 26th (with no notable problems with their neighbors), someone has decided that the uptown diner shouldn’t be open late night. what started with someone calling / complaining about after-bar noise became a complete mess when it was discovered that the diner hasn’t ever actually had the zoning permits necessary for their late night hours

city council member ralph remington has issued them a temporary permit (allowing them to stay open until 2pm) but they are attending the east isles neighborhood council meeting on tuesday in order to appeal to members to issue them the full permit, which will allow them to resume their normal hours

please stop in sometime this weekend and sign their petition for the meeting on tuesday

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knitted graffiti

Luke brought this new (?) minneapolis street art to my attention on twitter the other day..

this one (lake/lyndale) says “suck it” :)

if anyone knows who the artists is – please let me know! thx

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sightings : soo gallery

Eric inkala has a new mural @ the soo – head into the alley behind the gallery to check it out..

also.. stop in and look at Erin Currie’s crazy Paintings / Sculptures (show runs through may 31st)

and.. since you’re there :) might as well head next door to robot love and get a new limited edition shepard print before they’re gone (if they’re not already)

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