xo Nov 20.09


a look at the sad but true Music Industry FAILs – 4 Musical Mistakes Of The Decade ..

good article on Transformative v Incremental Change – a look at why big music just doesn’t get the internet revolution..

the story behind the UK ‘draconian pro-copyright plans’ of the leaked Digital Economy Bill (similar to the terrifying/leaked US Copyright Treaty)..


some bizzarre + beautiful stop animation video as well as the very cool Khoda Project video .. an animated film using 6000 paintings..

everyone freaking out over this trippy + n@ked interactive site experience from Yeasayer [NSFW]..

fell in love with these bizarre drawings made out of dead flies..


a must read : The War For the Web

Fake Steve Jobs talked about Apple’s patent application for an evil advertising scheme..

interesting + ballsy move by a Russian cop who used YouTube to fill Putin in on police corruption ..


learned that some homeless cannibals got caught selling a corpse to a kebab house in Russia. um.. WHAT?!

a pimp cut off a Rabbi who was on 3-day ‘cocaine-fueled orgy’ binge..

and a Minneapolis dads poke only Klingon to his child for three years – for science (of course)..

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